Software Testing Courses

Software Testing Certification Courses

Software testing provides an essential complement to the software development cycle, ensuring that the software performs as expected under a wide range of circumstances. The process of testing and debugging software will always be needed. Therefore, the field of IT Testing will always have exciting opportunities for qualified professionals. York Innovation provides professional certification courses to help software testers develop their testing competencies.

Courses York Innovation offers under software testing are –

Celenium Certification Training Courses–  A4Q’s Selenium certification training teaches you to master this automation testing tool and become a certified Selenium WebDriver tester. Our Selenium training covers WebDriver, Grid, IDE, handling IFrames, Alerts, and Modal Dialog box. You will learn to control your automation environment with the TestNG Framework, Robot Class, Cucumber, and Gherkin plugins, which are supported by this Selenium course. Work with widely used automation frameworks such as Data-Driven Framework, Keyword-Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Framework by taking this instructor-led training course. Created by industry experts and delivered online, this course allows you to work on real-life industry use cases.

Mobile app testing using Appnium– The York Innovation Mobile App Testing Using Appium course provides you with a grounding in the core concepts of mobile test automation. This course will prepare you to automate Android Native or Hybrid apps using Appium v1.11.1, a tool for writing automated tests for mobile apps. You will learn about Appium architecture and other components like the TestNG framework and the UIAutomator framework.

Performance Testing using J Meter–  The York Innovation Performance Testing Using JMeter course will provide you with insights into how software behaves under various loads. You will learn how to check response time and latency and assess whether a software package is scalable. The course will also help you test the strength of an application and analyze overall performance under different load types.

Continuous Testing in DevOps–   York Innovation’s course will give you an introduction to Continuous Development, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Testing by working on tools such as Git, Jenkins, Maven and Selenium to automate multiple steps in the Software Testing Life Cycle. This course will give you the knowledge and skills needed to perform tests on software that is currently being developed.

Manual Certification Testing Course –  York Innovations’ Manual Testing Training offers a comprehensive overview of the techniques and methodologies associated with manual testing, including black-box techniques and error guessing, as well as configuration management, risk management, and defect management.