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York Innovation Financial Services has a 100% focus on staffing solutions for financial services institutions, offering highly skilled contracts and permanent talent for banks, wealth management, asset management, fintech, family offices and speciality lending. We provide a level of service that is unmatched in this industry, with our ability to find the most qualified professionals for your team. We offer a wide range of services and the expertise to find you skilled professionals, for your team. We can place the employees you need in finance capitals around the globe.

How York Innovation Work –

We partner with leading firms in the financial services industry, including investment banks and asset management companies, as well as start-ups and payment services providers. We recruit industry professionals and understand the unique market, regulatory requirements, pain points and hiring needs of our clients.

We have extensive experience recruiting candidates in the financial services industry, and we understand the unique market and regulatory requirements of our clients.

  1. Are applicants expected to have a graduate degree and/or post-graduate degree for this position or any specific course related to Finance programme?
  2. Does the candidate have experience working at a company of a similar size?

After passing all the certain requirements, we shortlist the candidate.

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