Operating System Courses

Operating System Certification Courses

Learn about the concepts of operating systems and programming languages used in today’s tech industry. When you practice your skill on real-world projects, you develop intuition, which helps you make better decisions later. This will prepare you for interviews in the tech industry. In Operating Systems certification courses, you will learn how to create abstractions, mechanisms, and their implementations. At the core of this course, you will learn concurrent programming, inter-process communication, and an introduction to distributed operating systems. York Innovation offers certification courses in Linux Fundamentals and Administration and UNIX to help you learn the skills necessary to pursue a career in the field of Linux.

Courses York Innovation Offers under Operating system –

Linux Certification Training Course–  York Innovations’ Linux Fundamentals Certification Course provides comprehensive training in the Linux operating system. It covers basic installation, package management, architecture, file system, user management and scripting, as well as essential commands and utilities. This certification course is also a gateway to further study in Linux administration and programming.

Linux Administration Training Course-York Innovations’ Linux Administration Certification training helps you to become a Linux professional, perform desired functions on your system and networks, create network configurations, and maintain security administration. The course is ideal for IT professionals who want to move their careers into Linux administration and certification.