Big Data Courses

Big Data Courses

Big data is essential for many businesses—from healthcare to entertainment to consumer electronics. It is crucial for big data analysts to have a deep understanding of how this information can be collected and processed. Based on the demand for people with Big Data skills, York Innovation offers multiple professional certification courses in Big Data, ranging from Hadoop to Data Science to Data Analytics.

Courses York Innovation Offers Under Big Data Certification Courses –

Big Data Hadoop Certification Course – York Innovations’ Big Data certification course covers training on the tools that are part of Hadoop’s ecosystem, including HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Hive, and Pig. The course focuses on using Big Data to develop applications for real-world use cases in multiple industries, including retail, social media, aviation, tourism, and finance. York Innovations’s cloud-based Big Data Hadoop online training course is taught by instructors with at least ten years of hands-on experience in the industry.

Apache Spark and Scala Certification Course– Designed to address the needs of IT professionals, smart contract development training from York Innovations is created by industry experts. This course helps students master Apache Spark and the Spark Ecosystem, including Spark RDD, Spark SQL, and Spark MLlib. This live, instructor-led Apache Spark course gives you a solid foundation in the key concepts behind this powerful framework. This immersive, hands-on Apache Spark course will allow you to interact directly with the instructor and other class members. Enrol now in this Scala online training.

Pyspark Certification Training Course – York Innovations’ PySpark certification training is created by top industry experts to meet the industry’s highest standards. The PySpark course trains students to become successful Spark developers using Python. Our PySpark training courses are live, led by expert instructors, and accessible to students worldwide. Enrol in this course today to learn key concepts from experts.

Apache Kafka Certification Training Course– The Apache Kafka training course at York Innovations provides an overview of Kafka architecture, a configuration of a Kafka cluster, use of Kafka producer and consumer, understanding of Kafka monitoring, the integration of Kafka with Hadoop, Storm and Spark, and the implementation of streaming Twitter data using Kafka Streams.

Splunk Certification Training Course– York Innovation’s Splunk Power User and Admin certifications offer specialized training in Splunk configuration and user management. Training will give the learner knowledge on Splunk configuration to effectively ingest data using various methods, configure alerts and reports, build visualizations and dashboards, and create data models. You will see how to implement Splunk into real-life situations.