A treasurer should have a comprehensive understanding of the financial workings of a company in order to manage its liquidity and investments, as well as its financial positioning. While placing treasurers for employers, our company focuses on evaluating the details of each Candidate’s knowledge and experience. The finance recruiters at York Innovation ask candidates to describe their experiences creating financial reports and preparing financial forecasts in order to gain a strong idea of the candidates’ talent.

Our recruiters will help employers by offering them candidates who are strong leaders and can skillfully advise the CFO and board in terms of the company’s financial strength.

We focus on the screening the employees who can help the employers with a wide array of tasks like –
  1. Treasury Product Associates have the skills to query, manage, and analyze large amounts of data.
  2. They collaborate on strategy development, research payment trends and develop ad hoc reports and presentations to senior leaders.
  3. General ledger experience; understanding of accounting policies and principles.
  4. They can help the Employer with cash flow management, Cash Forecasting and Bank Relationship Management.

If you feel confident that you will be able to manage these task for a firm having treasury requirements Contact us.